In-Home Pain Management & Acupuncture

Transforming your pet’s life through personalized pain management.

“You Gave Me My Pet Back”

There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing your pet return to their “old self.” We’re here to bring out the playful, engaged pet that’s underneath pain and discomfort.

Our comprehensive approach to pain management involves a custom care plan specific to your pet’s comfort and needs.

Let’s Rethink, “They're Slowing Down Because They're Getting Old.”

It’s normal to attribute the changes you see in your aging pet to “simply getting old and slowing down”. The reality is, however, your pet may be less active due to pain. 

When we decrease discomfort, we can dramatically increase quality of life and happiness – so you and your pet can enjoy more of the activities you love to do together.

The Art of Pain Management

Our veterinarians are true artists, uniquely trained in pet hospice and pain management.  It’s our goal to find the perfect balance of therapies to deliver the highest level of comfort for your pet. 

Your pet’s individualized pain management plan finds that “sweet spot” to help restore mobility, energy and playfulness.

Our in-home pain management consultations include:

  • A complete medical physical – to fully understand your pet’s pain
  • Environmental assessment – so you can increase your pet’s comfort in their daily surroundings
  • Pain management plan – focused on increasing quality of life through decreasing pain

Service Overview

In-Home Pain Management Consultation

  • Evaluation by our hospice veterinarian that includes one month of medical management and plan adjustments
  • 7-day a week support from your dedicated hospice team
  • Environmental assessment focused on increasing comfort

Return in-home visits and medications are available at an additional cost.

Appointment cost will vary depending on service location. Please contact us for more details.

Service Overview

In-Home Acupuncture

  • Unhurried initial consultation that includes a complete review of medical records, physical exam and the first acupuncture treatment
  • Acupuncture available in select locations, please contact us for more information

Follow-up in-home acupuncture sessions are generally 30-45 minutes in length.

Appointment cost will vary depending on service location. Please contact us for more details.

The Best Rest of Life

Hospice is not just for the last days of life – it’s a model of care that encompasses so much more, for both you and your pet.

Not sure what to expect? Read about Ripley’s hospice and palliative care journey and how it gave him the best rest of life with his parents.


I cannot give enough stars!!! Even my general vet was extremely impressed about their communication and write up of Milo's report! She said it was so thorough and caring... she couldn't wait to refer her other clients.

IrisMom of Milo

Since all the care is based out of home, Bruce was much more comfortable and relaxed. We were able to put stress to side and get him the best care possible.

KristinMom of Bruce

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